Custom Media Printing

  • 1009 Hulbert Avenue 2nd floor Cincinnati, OH 45214
  • File naming convention: yourname_papertype_yourfilename.jpg Example: NathanCurrier-Groh_Matte_A110Thesis.jpg
  • File extensions accepted:  .jpg, .tif, .pdf
  • File size: uncompressed size < 550MB (when opened in Photoshop), on disk size less than 2GB (sum of all files transfered)
  • Delivery must be arranged prior to submission
  • Late night printing is available if scheduled in advance
  • Prints can be picked up between 10-4 the day after submission
  • If your needs require a different schedule contact us
  • Total Cost = Printing + Material + Sales Tax
  • Sheet feed paper, $3.00 / square foot; example 30 x 22 = $13.75 (plus material)
  • Premium roll paper $8.00 / linear foot; example 36 x 48 = $32.00 (material included)
  • Premium roll paper in stock- matte or satin
  • We will also print on custom media that you bring in with your file – arches, bristol, butcher paper, etc.